Timemore Chestnut C2 Grinder (White)


TIMEMORE Chestnut C2 Manual Coffee Grinder

CNC stainless steel grinding core

The stainless steel core is sharper than the ceramic core, and the grinding mode will be changed from "extrusion" to "cutting". The sharp blade can cut coffee beans quickly, and the grinding time is short, labor-saving, and smooth.

Patent point position thickness regulator

Using the ball damping structure, the grinding thickness can be adjusted accurately and clearly. It can adjust 36 steps. You can easily realize the accurate quantification of grinding thickness adjustment.

This grinder is for those of you who want a good hand grinder but maybe don't have the budget to stretch to a Chestnut Wood or Slim grinder.


  • NEW* Features dual ball bearings that holds the axle and burr in place
  • NEW* Aluminum Bean Container
  • Capacity 25g beans
  • Stainless steel burrs
  • Aluminiumcasing with PCTG durable plastic inside
  • CNC steel burrs same as Slim and Chestnut G1
  • Dual bearings to ensure you retain consistent grind size
  • Smooth outer
  • Point to point coarseness adjustment
  • Size 14.7cm x 5cm - with handle 16cm
  • Lightweight ca 430g

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