Lily Drip - Gio


Restocking soon on November 5. 

This special Lily Dripper was designed to compete for the World Brewer's Cup 2020. 

The difference is that base of the dripper has multiple ribs so that there is room for better airflow when brewing and this helps intensifies the sweetness and clarity of flavors of the final cup. 

It is specifically designed to fit an Origami Dripper, a Tetsu Kasuya V60, and a regular V60.  

It is made of ceramic, and when it is preheated it adds a mass of heat to the center of the brew bed, helping maintain a consistent temperature when brewing.

The custom Lily Dripper will help increase flavor clarity, sweetness, body and most importantly, it helps achieve consistent results of your brew. 

Free Shipping if you buy any bag of coffee + Lily Drip Gio. 

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