Lily Drip

The LilyDrip is a ceramic add-on for your pourover coffee. It can be used in most cone drippers (v60, Origami dripper, etc.) and comes in four styles (Lily, Diamond, Donut, and Starflower).

The LilyDrip currently comes in four styles. Each of the styles essentially work the same, but effect the flow rate of the coffee. The four styles include:

  • Lily: This was the original style and leads to a normal/standard flow rate.
  • Diamond: This style is similar to the Lily, but a bit wider and leads to a slower flow rate.
  • Donut: This style has the largest bottom exit and therefore the fastest flow rate thanks to its wide shape and has ridges around it to increase the bottom exit space.
  • Starflower: This style is fast like the Donut, but has indents instead of outdents. It still has a large bottom exit leading to a fast flow rate.


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